Bomb Raid (VERY FAST)

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Bomb Raid (VERY FAST)

Post by KSI THUND3RB1RD on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:42 pm

Start Coordinates: 3688 S - 5270 E
Start Elevation: 7,421ft
Elevation Change: -2,878ft
Distance: 3,898ft
End Point: 4321 S - 5355 E
End Elevation: 4,542ft
Route: (3688 S - 5256 E), (3731 S -5256 E), (3779 S - 5188 E), (3948 S - 5162 E), (4132 S - 5202 E), (4321 S - 5355 E)

Description: Bomb Raid is a very fast line going down a moderately steep hill. So strap in on this kiss-your-ass-goodbye line to have some serious fun. Also comes with a mini 'cliff' drop.



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